Personal Life

Raihan is a proud father of three children and a husband. He is thankful to his children: Suhana, Kiaan and Mahek for their continuous support and understanding. Finally, and most importantly, he thankful to his wife, Katherine. Her care, encouragement, quiet patience and unwavering love were indisputably the substrata upon which his career has been built. Her tolerance is a testament in itself of her unyielding devotion and love.

Besides his life activities, Raihan also enjoys travelling, occasional photography, playing golf and cricket. Raihan’s vision is to increase efficiency by transferring modern technology to help reduce poverty, to ensure sustainability of economic and social development of under developed communities, to strengthen human dignity and improve human life by ensuring modern technology improves ways to provide human basic physiological needs.

Raihan’s mission is to advocate, promote, provide modern technological and economic solutions to meet world’s millennium development goals.

Academic and Professional Profile

Since 2019 Raihan has served as an Operations Shift Supervisor and as an SRO Candidate. In this role, he supervises nuclear reactor control room operations and ensure regulatory compliance while leading a team of large team of licensed and non-licensed professionals.

From 2014 to 2019, Raihan led as a Principal Engineer for Strategic Systems engineering, where he led numerous multi-million-dollar capital projects. He also served as Outage Engineering Manager and duty Engineering manager roles over the course of his engineering career. In addition, he oversaw budgeting, contracts, proposals, and execution while leading Engineering and outage teams. Raihan has been instrumental in saving time and money that would otherwise lead to outage extension by swiftly correcting them during a refueling outages. He has a track record of increasing efficiency and savings for regulatory mandated aging management program. As an expert member of STP’s team to support the Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards, Raihan was instrumental in helping achieve a 20-year license extension.

Prior to his current roles at STP, he served as an Engineer with Ontario Power Generation in Canada. He has worked as an Engineer at both Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Generation stations located in the Greater Toronto-Durham region. During his work at Darlington nuclear station, he spearheaded project execution within the company’s multi-billion refurbishment program; developed project management plans, cost estimates, and schedules while leading projects from conception to completion.

Besides day-to-day work activities, he is involved with industry groups to optimize the reliability and efficiency of systems and programs by sharing operating experiences. He has actively collaborated and fostered lasting professional relationships with nuclear plants all over the world, NASA, National Laboratories, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), American Nuclear Society (ANS) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has worked with world leading experts in his field in several research and development projects and has published several journal publications with IEEE, JICABLE, National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE), EPRI, etc. He has also worked actively with several standards committees with IEEE and NACE to develop and update standards and guides for nuclear and corrosion industry.

Raihan enjoys being an active citizen in the community by supporting his city as a City Planning Commissioner and has served with several charitable foundations involving children and community development. He has also served executive councils and steering committees on several industry groups such as IEEE, EPRI, NACE, ANS, etc.

Raihan’s educational qualifications include a Master’s in business administration from West Texas A&M University, a Bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Ottawa, Licensed Professional Engineering Status, Project Management Professional, and several more industry leading certifications. He is a multilingual communicator and an active member of multiple organizations, including IEEE, the Project Management Institute, and Professional Engineers Ontario.

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